How to Make Accessible PowerPoints

Accessibility Principles

Give Descriptive File Name

Set Default Language

Make It Easy to Understand

Apply Slide Design and Layout

Use Color Appropriately

Apply Text Formatting

  • User sans serif fonts (such as Arial or Helvetica).
  • Use a font size of about 24 points or larger.
  • Be concise. It’s preferable for your presentation to have more slides with fewer words per slide.
  • Use bullets and ordered lists.

Create Accessible Links

  • Provide link text that describes where the link goes and gives meaning out of context.
    • Avoid phrases like “click here,” “learn more” and “read more”.
  • Underline links for quick identification.
Adding Effective Link Text

Add Alternative Text

Adding Effective Alt Text

Create Accessible Tables

Embed Accessible Content

Check Content

There are resources available to make your material more accessible.

Screen Readers

Automated tools cannot verify all issues and should be combined with manual testing. Testing with a screen reader can help.

Tips and Techniques

  • Convert to PDF to retain formatting.
    • The file size will be smaller, making it quicker to download and open.