Check Accessibility

As you design, develop, or create digital content, use one more of the following methods to verify accessibility.


Checklists are a quick and easy method to evaluate digital content for accessibility.

Automated Checkers

Automated accessibility checkers review some accessibility guidelines and provide useful information.

Electronic Document Checkers
Web Accessibility Checkers

Visit Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools for a complete list of checkers. For info on how to check electronic documents, visit How to Make Your Content Accessible.

Color Checkers

To determine text legibility and visual contrast, use a color checker.

Assistive Technologies

Automated checkers are useful, but they cannot verify all issues. Testing with assistive technology such as screen readers can help identify accessibility problems and usability issues.

Try screen reader keyboard commands and gestures used to read and navigate content with the following screen readers on the Windows and Mac operating systems: 

For website evaluations using screen readers, try WebAIM’s in-depth tutorials:

Mobile Screen Readers

VoiceOver (iOS)

TalkBack (Android)